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You will not attempt to cheat or knowingly exploit any bugs in the game. If you find a bug, you should report it in the "Support" forum provided.

You will not attempt to cause any personal offence, defamation, threat or harassment to other players of this game. You should remember the clear distinction between players and characters.

You will not impersonate a member of the Interstellar War game staff.

You will not discuss or knowingly engage in any illegal activity using this site.

Any breach of these terms could mean the immediate suspension of your account.

We accept no responsibility or liability for loss or harm suffered as a result of playing Interstellar War.

Please play responsibly, and above all, have fun!

Interstellar War Rules of Conduct

Our Statement: Interstellar War is a game created by fans, for newcomers and fans, of the original Interstellar War. We aim to recreate the experience of excitement and player interaction that made it a great game. Cracking jokes, creating rivalries, pulling off impressive heists, and inter-player politics are a part of Interstellar Wars, but building a community of collective fun is about trusting that players are doing the right thing and treating each other properly.

Our Code of Conduct is intended to outline the behavior that can take away from the collective and therefore will not be tolerated.

  1. Offensive language - You must not use any language that is offensive, discriminatory, racist or obscene.
  2. Player Abuse (includes spamming) – You must not threaten, insult, solicit, or abuse other players of this game.
  3. Bug abuse (cheating) - Any bugs found within the game must be reported to ISW Admins immediately.
  4. Using third-party software like bots or Macros - You must not use other programs to gain an unfair advantage at the game.
  5. Account sharing/trading - Each account should only be used by ONE person.
  6. Multiple logging in - You must not have more than one account without direct consent of the admin team, any permitted accounts must not interact or be used to gain an unfair advantage within or outside the game.
  7. Password scamming - Asking for another player's password for any reason will not be tolerated.
  8. Asking for personal details (addresses, phone numbers, emails, etc.) - To protect players' safety and privacy, you must not ask for personal details.
  9. Advertising/website - You are not allowed to actively advertise in the ISW game or ISW forums.
  10. Real world trading - ISW items must only be exchanged for other items/services within the game.
  11. ISW Admin or Mod impersonation - You should not attempt to impersonate Admins or Mods in any way.
  12. Misuse of official forums - Forums must be used respectfully at all times.
  13. Encouraging others to break rules (all rules included) - You must not encourage others to break any of the rules.
  14. All rules are at the discretion of moderators and Admins, but we are reasonable gods.
Privacy Policy

We will not knowingly divulge your email address to any third party or email you anything other than your account details unless you specifically ask. We do not track your activity within this site for any reason other than playing the game. Interstellar War will not attempt to store any cookies on your machine other than one containing your login details if you select auto sign-in on the upper left panel. Third party links may use cookies, refer to their respective sites for policy information.